Custelec offers a large range of various electronic modules, from home automation to robotics. Each module is customizable to be integrated into any existing or future application.

Moreover, according to the company's philosophy, specific electronic modules can be custom-made. After a preliminary meeting in which the customer's needs are defined, a quote is proposed. After acceptance of the latter, the module is manufactured.

Finally, the company offers you more manufacturing services, like PCB manufacturing, 3D Printing and CNC milling

3D Printing

We can propose you a very affordable and high quality 3D printing service. We own a FFF printer with a printing volume of 200x200x200mm with a 0.25mm nozzle to print layer heights down to 0.15mm. We only use white PLA, but custom colors can be asked. Moreover, we do not only print your parts, but also provide you with our years’ experience to get the best best print out of your part. A free estimation an quote can be asked here.